So, One Day at Starbucks...

I saw this young lady a few weeks ago in Starbucks. I loved her natural hair and almond eyes. So after running back to my car to get a business card, we planned a test shoot. 

We were having so much fun we decided to use some of the props I brought with me, you know...  just in case. The photos in the purple wig are some of my favorite! 

Looking forward to working on a few projects with her. 

Photography Scam... Be Careful Out There.

Someone calling himself "Doug Reid" sent an email asking if I could photograph an event for him. I asked him for details before submitting fees.  He stated he needed me to photograph his family reunion.

I requested to meet with him face-to-face as I do will all my clients, and he informed me that he was "a navy seal on a special assignment and was not in the state at the moment."  I was immediately suspicious. After several emails in which he even provided the names of his "family members" I offered  a "general" fee for the event.  His next email then stated that he "needed me to do him a favor and add the fees of the event planner to my fees." Already suspicious, I immediately ended the communication. 

Go with your gut.  If it doesn't feel right, it's isn't right. Don't do it

Continue shooting but... please, be careful out there.

THe Denim Fashion Project: Part II/ Denver Portrait Photographer

So a friend and a fav model is in town for the holidays. When she's here and when we can, we get together and have a some fun shooting. I made another dress out of recycled jeans (with her in mind), so we packed the car with a couple outfits and took advantage of a semi-warm day in January. We had planned to shoot for a couple hours, but tasks of the day cut that time in half.

Thanks to Kim for assisting me. Finding someone you can depend on is getting harder these days.  I am grateful to both ladies.  

Stay tuned for more DIY Denim Fashions from this session.