Photography Scam... Be Careful Out There.

Someone calling himself "Doug Reid" sent an email asking if I could photograph an event for him. I asked him for details before submitting fees.  He stated he needed me to photograph his family reunion.

I requested to meet with him face-to-face as I do will all my clients, and he informed me that he was "a navy seal on a special assignment and was not in the state at the moment."  I was immediately suspicious. After several emails in which he even provided the names of his "family members" I offered  a "general" fee for the event.  His next email then stated that he "needed me to do him a favor and add the fees of the event planner to my fees." Already suspicious, I immediately ended the communication. 

Go with your gut.  If it doesn't feel right, it's isn't right. Don't do it

Continue shooting but... please, be careful out there.

K GComment